TEALICIOUS, is an small artisan lab and tea shop in the heart of Florence, Italy.


Marcela, her owner and creator is a tea reserch and sommelier from Argentina, a truly tea fanatic wich idea is to share this passion with anyone who's interested in discovering a new world of colours, fragrance and flavours.



In her tea shop, you can smell, taste, touch and buy her creations that change every year, depending in her mood and experience she live travelling and living! Every blend is full of meaning to her, and she want to share her feelings with her teas.



The technics she use to blend, are tipical in the tradicional kitchen. All hand blended, grounding with mortar caccao beans, cutting Eucalyptus leaf, removing flowers petals, pestle spices and many more artisan technics. All that, to maximise quality and freshness of each ingredient and to give you a unique taste.


Blending twice or three times per week, just 1 kg per variety to conserve organolectic caractheristics and quality.

As result of that decision, the storage is totally controlled, and ready to be sold in her shop or tea shop online, where she receive the order, pack the blend and send worldwide directly from Florence! 


If you happen to be in Florence, in the Oltrarno zone, please come to visit this unique shop. We promise you'll love her teas and you'll adore Tealicious home!