Marcela, owner and creator, is a Tea researcher from Argentina, born in 1979 in Cordoba, a traditional city, producer of diverse range of organic "non certified" and conventional dried herbs.

Tealicious is a mix of her life experience. She was deeply inspired by the tradition of drinking natural infusions while eating, and the mediterranean gastronomy culture.

Now, she works alongside many of the top-starred Chefs in Florence in the creation of a "Non-Alcoholic and natural beverage menu".

 She has a partnership to, with a historic florentine artisan Brand " Studio Ceramica Giusti" for the local accessories development.





By the age of 23, Marcela decided to leave Argentina because of her tremendous hunger for traveling and learning, with the desire to fight to make her dreams come true.

In 2012 she finished her studies as argentinian Tea Sommelier. In 2014 she travelled to China to study in the Tea Research Institute of Hangzhou a Master degree in Lung Jing Green tea variety.

In 2015 she became a Food Sensory Project Manager with the Italian Sensory Science Society.

2016, she had traveled to learn, and staged at Ceylon Tea Brokers PLC, Colombo, Sri Lanka, improving her Ceylon's Black tea Knowledge





Was born in 2009 and opened the artisan tea shop in the Oltrarno zone of Florence in 2010.

  In the shop, you can smell, taste, and buy Marcela's creations.  

The technics used to blend, are the typical in the traditional kitchen: all hand blended.  Grounding with mortar cacao beans, cutting Eucalyptus leaf, removing flowers petals, pestle spices and many more non industrial technics and blending just 1 kg per variety to conserve organoleptic characteristics, all that, to maximize quality and freshness of each ingredient that give you an unique taste.

To offer a healthy and high quality product is our main rule.

As result of that decision, our philosophy "YOU ARE WHAT YOU DRINK"

 is well adapted to many cultures where food freshness and knowledge is guaranteed in their "dishes" but not in their "glasses". 


If it happen to be in Florence, in the Oltrarno zone, please come to visit us. We promise you'll love her "blends" and you'll adore Tealicious home!